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Eligibility Criteria for high potential startups in Malta

As an entrepreneur, it can be very frustrating to have a brilliant business idea but fail to implement it because of limited funding. To cater for great entrepreneurs with revolutionary ideas, the Maltese government created an agency called Malta Enterprise. The fundamental objective of Malta enterprise is to provide assistance and funding to Maltese high potential start-up companies. 



How to set up a travel agency in Malta.

Malta has arguably the most eye-catching and elegant touristry views in the central Mediterranean. These beautiful resorts, hotels, and infrastructure serve as tourist magnets—hence a number of investors find Malta to be the ideal and lucrative destination for opening travel and tour agencies. These agencies provide a range of services which include, however not limited to destination management, incoming tourism facilitation, and excursion organization. 


What global companies should know about Malta’s payroll

Being an astounding Island, Malta is popularly known as a tourist destination. Tourism alone along with manufacturing and foreign trade sum up to the Nations GDP of $9,5 billion. Nonetheless, over the years Malta has proved to be more than just a tourist attraction but a great investment destination as well. 


Open a cryptocurrency company in Malta

Technology is impacting every industry and the banking sector is no exception. One of the most innovative developments so far is digital currency — popularly known as a cryptocurrency. Digital money solutions are increasingly gaining a lot of popularity especially when it comes to online transactions. They are also a very lucrative business venture to invest in — especially in a digitally savvy country like Malta.


Avoid the common pitfalls, how to buy property in Malta

The Maltese government does not restrict the purchase of property in Malta as long as all requirements of property acquisition permits and licenses are followed accordingly. As a general rule, the properties acquired should not be used for rentals or modified into other structures—they should be solely used for residency. Besides family, guests may be allowed to live there only when the landlord is available.


The double taxation treaty between Malta & USA

Malta first agreed on a double taxation agreement with the USA in 1980 but due to changes in their tax model, the deal could not last through 1997 after their collaborator pulled out. Almost a decade later, the two signed yet another pact in 2006 which this time was framed based on the US tax model. This deal went into effect the following year although it was subject to further improvements which came in 2010. Of more significance was the facilitation for fighting tax evasion that made the greater worth for this change.