About us

Clients from several fields and industries already know what the advantages are of working with SIGTAX LIMITED. Our team consists of experts from several fields that have extensive experience in working with clients in need of company formation services in Malta and corporate administration services. Our wide range of custom-tailored services includes bookkeeping, company registration in Malta, corporate administration, tax planning, trust services and obtaining work permits for employees. The services provided by SIGTAX LIMITED are designed to meet the specific needs of entrepreneurs, corporate clients and companies.

Asides from helping you establish a business in Malta, we also provide the necessary support ant tools to help your business become successful and profitable by using the Maltese tax system in your favor and avoiding any legal issues that might determine important losses, penalties or sanctions. If you decide to work with SIGTAX LIMITED you will find a solid business partner that has you best interest as main objective. Our team has the necessary know-how and resources to guide your business to success.

One of the main factors that we use to focus our activity on is the ability to adapt according to the specific needs of our clients. This means that we encourage and promote flexibility to provide excellent services to those who want to start a new business and establish a company in Malta as well as to those who already run a successful business but are in need of corporate administration services.

Our main goal is to manage all the aspects that you need to consider when you decide to start your own business in Malta. By working with SIGTAX LIMITED you will have the certainty that this process is as easy and quick as possible.

We provide custom-tailored business solutions that are designed to cover all your need when it comes to starting or managing a business in Malta. Our wide range of services includes trust services and audits; however we also provide office spaces for company board meetings or business meetings and the possibility to set up a virtual office in Malta.

SIGTAX LIMITED operates through a complex network of specialists and resources that are working together in order to help us provide a detailed and accurate assessment of all your corporate needs.

We are focused mainly on two important aspects: providing exceptional service and ensuring client satisfaction. To achieve our goal, we combine excellent services with competitive prices and the guarantee to bring added value to your business. This strategy is advantageous for clients from all kinds of industries and fields of activity.

Clients that decide to work with SIGTAX LIMITED will become part of our team, as we keep them involved each step of the way. We take pride in establishing business relationships that are based on strong principles such as honesty, integrity and transparency. By working with us, you will not have to worry about each and every aspect of day-to-day business activities, but you will be constantly updated and receive expert advice to help you make the best decisions.