Tax planning

Malta is one of the preferred business locations for many foreign entrepreneurs and investors due to the favorable tax system. It’s one of the most attractive European jurisdictions in terms of government policies, taxation and business-friendly environment. However, to take full advantage of the Maltese tax system, careful tax planning is required to ensure cost-efficiency and to avoid unnecessary tax burdens.

A major part of a company’s tax burden is due to corporate tax. If a company established in Malta is not able to integrate itself in the country’s taxation environment can never reach its true potential, no matter how innovative, dynamic or progressive it may be. Therefore, relying on the support of tax planning experts is required.

The time dedicated to manage efficiently a company can be affected by the regulatory tax reporting requirements and my change made in the corporate taxation system. For this reason, tax authorities which conduct regular investigations can develop into penalties and sanctions due to the company’s fail to comply with taxation regulations. By having a specialized firm such as SIGTAX LIMITED to handle the tax planning services these problems can easily be avoided.

Although corporate taxation in Malta is not low, shareholders are entitled to claim back part or even the whole tax paid by the Malta company. This is why the Maltese taxation system is unique and very ingenious. The country doesn’t levy any withholding tax on paid dividends and is offering various tax incentives, especially for companies activating in certain industry fields.

Malta is one of the business locations that have gained a positive reputation in time as a financial centre, especially because of the flexible and competitive tax system. As part of the EU, Malta is no longer just a business location for offshore companies, but it has developed into a reputable onshore business location as well, ideal for companies operating on international markets. Favorable government policies for foreign investors emphasize cross-border commerce, partially due to the country’s convenient geographical location.


The tax planning services we provide include, but are not limited to:

  • Domestic corporate tax & VAT planning
  • Corporate tax compliance
  • Extensive tax accounting and preparation of required provisions
  • Global tax accounting
  • Due diligence in taxation matters