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The Maltese economy

The secret to the flourishing Maltese economy lies in its diversity. The economy has successfully maintained steady growth throughout the years with investments in its numerous sectors adding up to the highest government surpluses in the EU.


Malta’s Smart Manufacturing industry

Digitization is changing everything and the manufacturing industry is no exception. Malta’s manufacturing industry is at the forefront of the 4th industrial revolution—the nation is one of the few countries that have effectively embraced Smart Manufacturing. The future of the manufacturing industry in Malta is even brighter, with cost-saving and efficient practices being put into place. 



EU and Malta securitisation Market

Securitization is one of the most misunderstood legal structures in Malta. In Malta, this notion has often been tainted badly. However, there is more to securitization than what newspapers and tabloids say. According to the Maltese jurisdiction, securitization can be an arrangement or a transaction in which a securitization vehicle:


Malta’s new VAT exemption scheme

VAT was first introduced in Malta in 1995 and has undergone various changes since then. Most of these changes were made when Malta joined the European Union. The Maltese government'a main goal was to reduce the tax charges in order to attract more investors into the country.


Malta's gaming industry

Malta is one of the first countries in the EU to accommodate and standardize the gaming industry. Its pioneering move towards introducing regulations and legislature for the registration and operation of this business structure is the major reason why Malta is one of the best countries in this sector. 


Shipping companies in Malta

The Maltese government greatly supports shipping businesses in Malta. This can be evidenced by the convenient legislations set in place. The registration and operation of a shipping company in Malta is quite simple and more efficient compared to other EU countries.