Why Invest in Malta

Malta is considered one of the top investment destinations in the world. There are so many reasons why a lot of investors and expatriates are finding interest in Malta, most of the credit goes to the pro-foreign investment policies set up by the Maltese government. However, that’s not all! 
Discover seven other reason that makes investing your funds in Malta a good investment:

  • EU Membership

Malta’s EU membership makes, and relatively stable economy puts it at par with other larger EU nationals. Investors from within the EU will still be able to enjoy the same freedom they would have investing in their resident state—they will benefit from the same trade policies while simultaneously taking advantage of Malta’s favorable tax and investment regulations to their benefit.  In other words, investors from outside the EU will be able to enjoy the benefits of EU trade arrangements just by relocating their businesses to Malta. Being in the Eurozone also creates currency oriented incentives for businesses trading within the EU block and a stable store of wealth as well. 

  • Trade Relations

Malta’s strategic geographical location allows it trade not only with EU countries, but the rest of Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. These established relationships make it a very resourceful trade partner. Its proximity to both Europe and Africa has enabled the development of strong ties with countries in these regions. In addition to its accessibility, Malta’s International Airport offers direct flights to 37 major cities in the world.

  • Potential for economic growth

Malta has historically stable credit ratings and has many available lines of credit to fuel growth and development. The World investment report confirms the high inward Foreign Direct Investment performance and high inward FDI potential present in Malta.

  • Skilled Workforce

Malta invests heavily in its human resources sector. The state offers free education up to tertiary level—therefore you can be sure that you will get a well-educated workforce. The Maltese educational system is well known for high standards; thus industry-specific training is easy to execute. A vast majority of Malta’s labor force are proficient in English—it is the c0-official language.

  • Technology

Malta boasts the highest percentage share of hi-tech imports and exports within the EU. The country has strategically embraced technology, using it to drive development in the country. Some of Malta’s best and recent innovations include Malta’s Smart City and a modern telecommunications system. Wireless internet connections, VOIP, WiMax are not only supported, but they are also considered the norm. Malta Freeport serves over 115 ports world over and is one of its technological gems. Its efficient health care system has services which rest on these technologies available.

  • Industry

Malta is home to over 200 foreign manufacturing companies. This figure is in addition to the locally-owned ones which number around 400. Exported manufactured products range from electrical components, pharmaceuticals to plastics and software. The island is an ideal manufacturing hub due to the numerous processing plants at its disposal. This reduces the cost of exporting finished products.

  • Financial Services Industry

Malta hosts a vast amount of financial service companies from across the world. Financial services account for at least 13% of the nation’s GDP. Thus setting up a commercial business in Malta can be lucrative and you can be sure of a financial pro-environment and an experienced workforce. To keep attracting foreign investment, the Maltese jurisdiction continually introduces incentives for investors willing to invest in Malta.
Professional Assistance
It’s a no brainer that investing in Malta can produce substantial results; however, the process can be daunting. For professional help and assistance, reach out to SIGTAX. Our team of accountants, lawyers, and consultants stay au courant with the latest business trends and regulations in Malta. Thus, you can be confident that you will get relevant info which guides you to do everything the right way and in your favor.



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