Open a Restaurant in Malta

Multinational companies and native entities looking to establish an eatery-based enterprise in Malta are spoilt with a large variety of aesthetic and tourist-friendly locations. Entrepreneurs planning to delve into this lucrative industry can pick one of the following closely related commercial variants to conduct business activities. These are:

  • A catering establishment;
  • A fast-food outlet;
  • A bar;
  • A restaurant.

A restaurant is the most intricate form of food-centric business to establish in Malta because it entails the need to abide by numerous governing laws. 
Legislature associated with food businesses in Malta
Business owners wishing to start a restaurant in Malta are obliged to comply with the laws mentioned below:

  1. The Food Safety Law; 
  2. The Hygiene of Foodstuff Act; 
  3. The General Principles of the Food Law; 
  4. The Official Control of the Foodstuffs Act;
  5. The Import Control Act.

These legal provisions are only a slice of the broader set of laws that govern the establishment of restaurants in Malta. Players in the food industry have a mandate to adhere to a number of marketing requirements concerning foodstuffs that include olive-based oils, eggs, chicken and vegetables.
Registration of a commercial food entity in Malta
Regardless of the country of origin of the owner of the business, the initial phase of setting up a restaurant in Malta is the registration of the entity with the Maltese Trade Register. The least complicated approach to achieve this goal is to hire legal experts who can handle the entire company registration process on your behalf. 
Specific requisites for opening a restaurant in Malta
There are a number of requirements that should be satisfied when forming a restaurant in Malta. The first condition pertains to the premises—it should meet the expected standards stipulated by the Maltese Food Safety Commission. The next aspect focuses on issues to do with:

  • Cleaning prerequisites;
  • Cooking necessities;
  • Chilling obligations;
  • Mandatory cross-contamination matters.

People who work in restaurants are required to meet certain standards. This can be work experience, education, and compliance with the Regional Environmental Health Directorate’s expectations. Issuance of the special license occurs to the restaurant upon fulfillment of all the aforementioned requisites. It is after satisfying all these conditions that the restaurant can start functioning.
Post registration, the restaurant should convincingly pass an inspection conducted by the Environmental Health Directorate within 28 days prior to the start of business.
Professional Assistance
For further details on the formation of restaurants and registration of other different forms of entities in Malta, contact SIGTAX. Our expert team of lawyers, accountants and consultants is ready to assist you in each step.  Our lawyers can provide you with finer details on the legal aspects pertaining to commercial food companies in Malta so that you don’t skip any necessary steps.



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