types of maltese companies

How to set up a general partnership

The "en nom" collectif in Malta, popularly known as a general partnership all over the world is very easy to set up and requires fewer formalities compared to a limited liability company. The upside to investing in partnerships in Malta is that even if you are a foreign investor, you will enjoy the same rights as Maltese investors.


Set up a partnership in Malta

Registration of partnerships in Malta follows the stipulations of the the Companies Act of 1995. The types of partnerships that can be formed in Malta are:

  • general partnerships (partnership “en nom collectif”) and,
  •  limited partnerships (partnership “en commandite”). 

All commercial partnerships are considered separate legal entities by law and they are regulated by the Trade Register.


Types of Partnerships in Malta

Malta is a generally business-friendly country. The Maltese government is in full support of the business sector and it offers a lot of business opportunities and incentives for investors who want to set up a business in Malta. One of the first and most crucial steps in company creation is the selection of a legal structure (company type). There are many company types in Malta and before committing to one, you should evaluate all your options.


Register a company in Malta

The Maltese Government has designed different programs and schemes in order to provide tax incentives or tax deductions for foreign investors. Some of these incentives are also part of the process of opening a company in Malta.