Set up a fintech business in Malta

Malta has a well-evolved financial sector which has contributed to its robust economy over the years. This modernized financial technology business sector, is a product of the country’s proficient labor force and cutting edge IT systems. There has been a tremendous growth of the financial business since its birth in 2010 evidenced by a remarkable growth of 67% in only six years! The first quarter of 2016, marked a staggering 5.3 billion dollars’ worth of the Maltese financial technology businesses. 

How to open a subsidiary in Malta

For any investors contemplating expanding into a new market, the pros and cons of establishing a branch or foreign subsidiary will depend on the business benefits as well as the economical and regulatory environment of that particular country. Opening a subsidiary in a foreign land can bring substantial results, such as the expansion of your brand recognition, opening access to new markets and utilizing efficient production processes to manage expenses.

Eligibility Criteria for high potential startups in Malta

As an entrepreneur, it can be very frustrating to have a brilliant business idea but fail to implement it because of limited funding. To cater for great entrepreneurs with revolutionary ideas, the Maltese government created an agency called Malta Enterprise. The fundamental objective of Malta enterprise is to provide assistance and funding to Maltese high potential start-up companies. 


The Societas Europea in Malta explained!

A European Societas (SE) is an organization created in Europe to promote business by giving other companies a chance to function in the region with limited restrictions that could exist in their parent countries. Malta has contributed by providing a regulation that enables a  SE to be established in the state. The presence of SE in the state has a positive effect as it amplifies business possibilities and gives a better footing for big business deals. On the other hand, companies in search of a type of incorporation in either of the member states controlled by EU could find it valuable since it is managed on a narrow set of guidelines run by an integrated management system.

Open a cryptocurrency company in Malta

Technology is impacting every industry and the banking sector is no exception. One of the most innovative developments so far is digital currency — popularly known as a cryptocurrency. Digital money solutions are increasingly gaining a lot of popularity especially when it comes to online transactions. They are also a very lucrative business venture to invest in — especially in a digitally savvy country like Malta.

Buying properties in Malta

The Maltese government does not restrict anyone from purchasing property in Malta as long as all requirements of property acquisition permits and licenses are followed accordingly. As a general rule, the properties acquired should not be used for rentals or modified into other structures—they should be solely used for residency.