subsidiary registration

Dividend Tax charges in Malta

Malta’s taxation system is closely similar to that of Great Britain but there are some slight variations when it comes to aspects like the dividend tax. The government's strategy on dividend tax affects local companies and foreign businesses differently. Dividend tax is imposed on locals (domicile and tenant) companies — they are obligated to pay their taxes on returns from capital gains and other forms of income.


Establish a Public Limited Liability Company in Malta

One of the most widespread and most preferred company types in Malta is the limited liability entity. This is attributed majorly to the increased level of flexibility and numerous tax benefits that this company type brings to non-residential investors. It’s also the most ideal legal structure for foreign companies who want to establish subsidiary branches in Malta.


Establish a subsidiary in Malta

Subsidiaries are legal entities with capital that is partially or totally owned by foreign companies. However, the management of the subsidiary is not conditioned by the foreign capital, and the entity is able to handle business contracts, hire employees or issue and transfer shares.