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Basic business facts about Malta every investor should know

If you are considering investing in Malta you are probably curious about the environment you will be subjected to—things such as the level of risk involved as well as the policies and regulations of a country play a major role in the success of any business. The following are some of the most important business facts about Malta you should know if you are considering to invest in Malta.



Establish A Branch In Malta

In a bid to promote foreign investment, Malta offers a wide range of incentives to investors starting a business in Malta. This explains why there is a large influx of foreign companies opening their branches in Malta. Furthermore, the fact that Malta has business-friendly corporate laws—and is an active member of the European Union, makes it a perfect and strategic investment destination. It's also the ideal gateway to the EU for non-EU investors.


Shipping companies in Malta

The Maltese government greatly supports shipping businesses in Malta. This can be evidenced by the convenient legislations set in place. The registration and operation of a shipping company in Malta is quite simple and more efficient compared to other EU countries.




How to open a subsidiary in Malta

For any investors contemplating expanding into a new market, the pros and cons of establishing a branch or foreign subsidiary will depend on the business benefits as well as the economical and regulatory environment of that particular country. Opening a subsidiary in a foreign land can bring substantial results, such as the expansion of your brand recognition, opening access to new markets and utilizing efficient production processes to manage expenses.