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The types of business entities in Malta

The Maltese jurisdiction offers quite a wide variety of choice when it comes to the legal structures you can use to set up your business. Whichever legal entity you choose, Malta has set in place laws and regulations that are more accommodating to foreign investors. This explains why Malta is one of the most favorable investment destinations in the world. Below are the legal structures by which businesses can exist in Malta:


Why Malta ia a reputable jurisdiction for captive insurance companies

Malta is home to a large variety of financial institutions drawn to its competitive attributes amongst other business hubs. More and more Captive Insurance companies are establishing themselves in Malta to take advantage of the edge it gives them in European operations and on a global scale.



Malta banking sector

The island of Malta boasts of a high performing banking sector recognized within the European Union and beyond. The financial services provided are highly sought after by foreign investors making it one of the nation’s top GDP contributors. Malta offers an advantageous environment for investors looking for a stable home for their investments.



Formation of a holding enterprise In Malta

A lot of investors are opening holding companies in Malta in order to benefit from the participation exemption regime. Holding companies serve as a great avenue for investors who want to hold assets in Malta or participate in other Maltese companies and yet benefit from the same operations and tax planning arrangements as other Maltese companies.
What is a holding company and what does it do


Maltese citizenship

There are a plethora of benefits that come with having Maltese citizenship. This explains why it is not very easy to get citizenship in Malta. According to the Maltese legislation Amendment Act of 2013, there are three major categories by which one can obtain Maltese citizenship.