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The types of business entities in Malta

The Maltese jurisdiction offers quite a wide variety of choice when it comes to the legal structures you can use to set up your business. Whichever legal entity you choose, Malta has set in place laws and regulations that are more accommodating to foreign investors. This explains why Malta is one of the most favorable investment destinations in the world. Below are the legal structures by which businesses can exist in Malta:

Maltese Yacht VAT scheme

The government of Malta has put in place a set of guidelines on the payment of VAT on leased Yachts. The regulations apply when a company registered in Malta buys a Yacht and decides to lease it to a third party. This system was put in place to help the owners of these luxury vessels to pay their VAT. The VAT payable is calculated from the proportion of time the yatch is supposed to navigate in the EU territory. It also enables them to acquire a certificate cleared of VAT arrears at end of the arrangement.


How to set up a travel agency in Malta.

Malta has arguably the most eye-catching and elegant touristry views in the central Mediterranean. These beautiful resorts, hotels, and infrastructure serve as tourist magnets—hence a number of investors find Malta to be the ideal and lucrative destination for opening travel and tour agencies. These agencies provide a range of services which include, however not limited to destination management, incoming tourism facilitation, and excursion organization. 

Foreign direct investment in Malta

Ranking on the 84th position out of 190 economies in the world bank, Malta’s economy stands as one of the most attractive economies for foreign investment. To add on to its attractiveness is the fact that it is a member of the European Union and it is also famous for a highly skilled English speaking Labour force. Its powerful accessibility to the Mediterranean and North American markets is greatly contributed by its astounding geographical orientation.