lowest tax rates in malta

Maltese Yacht VAT scheme

The government of Malta has put in place a set of guidelines on the payment of VAT on leased Yachts. The regulations apply when a company registered in Malta buys a Yacht and decides to lease it to a third party. This system was put in place to help the owners of these luxury vessels to pay their VAT. The VAT payable is calculated from the proportion of time the yatch is supposed to navigate in the EU territory. It also enables them to acquire a certificate cleared of VAT arrears at end of the arrangement.



Malta Offshore Companies

The Maltese government does not impose any restrictions in regards to the incorporation of offshore companies in the state. Maltese offshore companies are registered companies which operate in Malta but are run by foreign stakeholders. Setting up an offshore company in Malta comes with special benefits, such as lower tax rates as compared to that charged in their native states.


Maltese virtual offices

Malta is one of the most technologically savvy countries and is popular for its quick grasp on new technologies as well as implementation. It's also one of the few countries with smart cities. Being such a progressive country, Malta has attracted many IT investors from around the world and it's one of the best destinations for setting up a virtual office.



Avoid the common pitfalls, how to buy property in Malta

The Maltese government does not restrict the purchase of property in Malta as long as all requirements of property acquisition permits and licenses are followed accordingly. As a general rule, the properties acquired should not be used for rentals or modified into other structures—they should be solely used for residency. Besides family, guests may be allowed to live there only when the landlord is available.