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Redomiciliation of companies in Malta

There are a plethora of benefits that come with setting up a company in Malta. Apart from the attractive tax rates, the Maltese jurisdiction offers numerous incentives for investors who want to do business in Malta. As a result, a lot of companies are redomiciling to Malta in order to benefit from the Island’s business pro-environment. Re-domiciliation is when a company transfers its registration from one jurisdiction (country) to another.


Financial service license in Malta

Malta globally stands out when it comes to financial services. This is owed to its thriving international relations and an extensive network of double taxation agreements.  Its embracement of all the EU financial services and regulations has allowed it to easily network and do business with many other countries around the globe. This has greatly contributed to the country’s financial stability.


Malta's gaming industry

Malta is one of the first countries in the EU to accommodate and standardize the gaming industry. Its pioneering move towards introducing regulations and legislature for the registration and operation of this business structure is the major reason why Malta is one of the best countries in this sector. 


Shipping companies in Malta

The Maltese government greatly supports shipping businesses in Malta. This can be evidenced by the convenient legislations set in place. The registration and operation of a shipping company in Malta is quite simple and more efficient compared to other EU countries.




Formation of a holding enterprise In Malta

A lot of investors are opening holding companies in Malta in order to benefit from the participation exemption regime. Holding companies serve as a great avenue for investors who want to hold assets in Malta or participate in other Maltese companies and yet benefit from the same operations and tax planning arrangements as other Maltese companies.
What is a holding company and what does it do


Malta securitisation

Malta offers one of the most investor-friendly business environments in the world. This can be witnessed by its wide and diverse selection of tax neutral securitization vehicles, which in turn come with many international and legal tax benefits.