Maltese resident programmes

Malta is an ideal country of residence for an array of reasons. These range from the stable political environment, the flourishing economy as well as the Mediterranean climate and culture. The government of Malta offers numerous convenient options for those who wish to obtain residency on the island.



Why Malta ia a reputable jurisdiction for captive insurance companies

Malta is home to a large variety of financial institutions drawn to its competitive attributes amongst other business hubs. More and more Captive Insurance companies are establishing themselves in Malta to take advantage of the edge it gives them in European operations and on a global scale.



Malta banking sector

The island of Malta boasts of a high performing banking sector recognized within the European Union and beyond. The financial services provided are highly sought after by foreign investors making it one of the nation’s top GDP contributors. Malta offers an advantageous environment for investors looking for a stable home for their investments.



Financial service license in Malta

Malta globally stands out when it comes to financial services. This is owed to its thriving international relations and an extensive network of double taxation agreements.  Its embracement of all the EU financial services and regulations has allowed it to easily network and do business with many other countries around the globe. This has greatly contributed to the country’s financial stability.


Shipping companies in Malta

The Maltese government greatly supports shipping businesses in Malta. This can be evidenced by the convenient legislations set in place. The registration and operation of a shipping company in Malta is quite simple and more efficient compared to other EU countries.