Maltese virtual offices

Malta is one of the most technologically savvy countries and is popular for its quick grasp on new technologies as well as implementation. It's also one of the few countries with smart cities. Being such a progressive country, Malta has attracted many IT investors from around the world and it's one of the best destinations for setting up a virtual office.
Setting up a virtual office in Malta is relatively easy. The upside to virtual offices is that they involve low-cost and less time to set up and to operate as well.
What are virtual offices used for?
Many organizations do not understand the use of virtual offices and they don’t know what differentiates them from the conventional offices. Virtual offices can be leveraged as headquarters for enterprises which are non-resident in Malta, and if need be, they can still have a couple of representatives in a conventional office who work there. A virtual office can be readily established at the beginning of the company incorporation processes in Malta. The acquisition of virtual office services will differ with the provider you choose and is mostly a time-limited contract.
Maltese virtual office services
In Malta, virtual offices are highly convenient and preferable due to their efficiency and low costs. Our special team of lawyers, accountants and consultants are available in the state to support you with numerous virtual offices services—the provision of boardrooms for meetings, telephone, faxes and voicemail facilities and above all, a well-managed office in the best business location of the state. Since its requisite that companies in Malta should have a secretary who works in the office, SIGTAX also provides a secretary to work in the virtual office and attend to calls and emails, and promptly forward them to their respective company. All official business matters that reach the virtual office, are redirected to the actual offices.
Reason for opening a virtual office
In addition to the benefits of easy maintenance of the virtual office, there is no need for many workers to work there, hence a significant cut on costs. Foreign investors with virtual offices in Malta could also benefit from first-hand information and business advisement from our knowledgeable team in the state. Above all, the government ensured the success of virtual offices in the state by installing top-notch communication services. Malta relies on extensive communications and offers one of the most efficient and up to date communication systems in the world. 
 Professional Assistance
For further details with regard to virtual office setups in Malta contact SIGTAX. Our team of accountants, lawyers, and consultants stay au courant with the latest business trends and regulations in Malta. They can also help with legal counsel on how to set up a company in Malta including giving a profound understanding of the nations’ tax system. Thus, you can be confident that you will get relevant info which guides you to do everything the right way and in your favor.



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