Maltese Economic Operators Registration Identification (EORI)

The EORI is a system that was designed with a mandate to make the identification of traders who interact with the Authorities much easier. This was done for all states in the EU and it involves the assignment of a reference number to each trader who is considered to do business wherever in the EU region. Thus business people can be identified in any member state through this unique number. This identification system, allows authorities of EU to share information with other entities. The EORI system also solved the problem of reference number mix-up whereby traders often registered their businesses too many times — by linking reference numbers with VAT numbers. This saves everyone extra work and time needed to adjust the systems constantly.
Elements of EORI
The EORI comprises of 2 elements, one at the national level and the other at the regional EU level:
1. The National level
At the national level, Malta authorities are required to create and allocate EORI reference numbers to their respective traders. These unique numbers instantly become the traders business ID's which they should use whenever they are conducting business or associating with the authorities of other countries. This interaction through reference numbers is convenient and works efficiently irrespective of the nationality of the trader.
2. The EU EORI level
After member states including Malta have acquired data and created reference numbers for traders, they are to hand over the information to the EU. This information should involve all the EORI numbers of traders that have been registered in the respective states. A commission of the EU was set up and its mandate is to take control of the database with information submitted by all the EU member states.  This database is consistently being updated with information about new recruits or changes of trader information. Member states are obliged to regularly pass on their updates to this central database. At the EU level, third parties have access to view part of the information of traders in the database provided they have submitted relevant written consent. However, Malta does not adhere to that arrangement and deems its trader's details private unless if the trader in question gives authority of publication of their information.
EORI registration
Newbies wishing to register for an EORI number should initiate contact through an official email specified for EORI registration, [email protected]. As a general rule, the following documents—VAT, MFSA certificates including their ID's and passports. For resident applicants, they can simply write their details such as a full name and ID's and contact addresses and phone numbers.
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