Malta Offshore Companies

The Maltese government does not impose any restrictions in regards to the incorporation of offshore companies in the state. Maltese offshore companies are registered companies which operate in Malta but are run by foreign stakeholders. Setting up an offshore company in Malta comes with special benefits, such as lower tax rates as compared to that charged in their native states.
In Malta, the offshore company tax levy is set at 27.5% on gross dividends which is relatively lower than the 35% corporate tax charged for Maltese companies. In addition, offshore companies are entitled to tax refunds on payment of dividend profits to their stakeholders. In order to incorporate an offshore company in Malta, the government requires an application to be filed with all relevant details of the company plus a reference letter. The process is not complicated and it is worth noting that offshore companies in Malta are flexible enough to do business anywhere in Europe.
In the case of reimbursements on the tax levied to offshore companies, 60% of the refund goes to the IR (Inland Revenue) in less than 14 days of receiving the alert from IR. Offshore companies in Malta are not liable for payment of stamp duties and neither are they charged for withholding taxes. Other exemptions include payment of dividends and capital gains. This makes Malta a very convenient place for the establishment of an offshore company.
The processes of incorporation of offshore companies in the Malta state requires the presence of at least one stakeholder that is when the director is a physical person. The criteria will, however, need 2 stakeholders if the director is a company entity. Among the 2 participating stakeholders, one has to be non-resident in Malta for the creation of the offshore company to be feasible.
The state dictates offshore companies to have a director who could save as the company secretary if it’s necessary. The advantage of Maltese offshore companies is that the state does not edict the companies to appoint citizens of Malta as stakeholders or directors. They are also not entitled to conduct their business meetings in the state, however, they should have an annual general meeting once each year. Offshore companies are also expected to have an office which is registered in the Maltese territory.
The offshore companies in Malta can appoint nominees who facilitate the incorporation of the company. This is possible because the other information of directors and stakeholders will already be with the administrator of the firm. The company is subject to auditing and earnings have to be surrendered annually. The information with regard to members registered in the Registry is highly valued and is kept a secret in Malta protected under the PSA (Professional Secrecy Act) which emphasize on confidentiality of such information.
Professional Assistance
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