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Double taxation treaty between Malta Luxembourg

Malta and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg have a lot in common. They are both the smallest member states of the European Union—Malta is the smallest member state followed by Luxembourg. In order to avoid double taxation as well as prevent fiscal evasion in regards to taxes on capital and income, the two nations signed a Double taxation agreement on the 29th of April 1994. The treaty was signed by the plenipotentiaries of the two countries, Guido de Marco(Former Deputy Prime Minister for Foreigh Affairs) and Jacques F. Poos(Former Deputy Prime Minister of Foreigh Affairs, Foreign Trade and Cooperation). It came into effect in 1996.

Double taxation treaty between Malta and the United Kingdom (and Northern Ireland)

After several meetings between the Maltese and British plenipotentiaries, the Double taxation agreement between the two countries was finally concluded and it came into effect on the 27th of March 1995. Their goal was to provide double taxation relief and make business easier between Maltese and British nationals. 


The double taxation treaty between Malta & USA

Malta first agreed on a double taxation agreement with the USA in 1980 but due to changes in their tax model, the deal could not last through 1997 after their collaborator pulled out. Almost a decade later, the two signed yet another pact in 2006 which this time was framed based on the US tax model. This deal went into effect the following year although it was subject to further improvements which came in 2010. Of more significance was the facilitation for fighting tax evasion that made the greater worth for this change.