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Foreign direct investment in Malta

Ranking on the 84th position out of 190 economies in the world bank, Malta’s economy stands as one of the most attractive economies for foreign investment. To add on to its attractiveness is the fact that it is a member of the European Union and it is also famous for a highly skilled English speaking Labour force. Its powerful accessibility to the Mediterranean and North American markets is greatly contributed by its astounding geographical orientation. 

Open a Restaurant in Malta

Multinational companies and native entities looking to establish an eatery-based enterprise in Malta are spoilt with a large variety of aesthetic and tourist-friendly locations. Entrepreneurs planning to delve into this lucrative industry can pick one of the following closely related commercial variants to conduct business activities. 

Open a cryptocurrency company in Malta

Technology is impacting every industry and the banking sector is no exception. One of the most innovative developments so far is digital currency — popularly known as a cryptocurrency. Digital money solutions are increasingly gaining a lot of popularity especially when it comes to online transactions. They are also a very lucrative business venture to invest in — especially in a digitally savvy country like Malta.

Avoid the common pitfalls, how to buy property in Malta

The Maltese government does not restrict the purchase of property in Malta as long as all requirements of property acquisition permits and licenses are followed accordingly. As a general rule, the properties acquired should not be used for rentals or modified into other structures—they should be solely used for residency. Besides family, guests may be allowed to live there only when the landlord is available.