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Eligibility Criteria for high potential startups in Malta

As an entrepreneur, it can be very frustrating to have a brilliant business idea but fail to implement it because of limited funding. To cater for great entrepreneurs with revolutionary ideas, the Maltese government created an agency called Malta Enterprise. The fundamental objective of Malta enterprise is to provide assistance and funding to Maltese high potential start-up companies. 


How to set up a franchise in Malta

The business environment in Malta is one that has been marked by change and diversification. Malta has expanded from being an agrarian-centric economy into, engineering, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, healthcare, aviation, maritime, electronics, and logistics. This has attracted a vast number of investors from all walks of life. 


Maltese virtual offices

Malta is one of the most technologically savvy countries and is popular for its quick grasp on new technologies as well as implementation. It's also one of the few countries with smart cities. Being such a progressive country, Malta has attracted many IT investors from around the world and it's one of the best destinations for setting up a virtual office.


The Societas Europea in Malta explained!

A European Societas (SE) is an organization created in Europe to promote business by giving other companies a chance to function in the region with limited restrictions that could exist in their parent countries. Malta has contributed by providing a regulation that enables a  SE to be established in the state. The presence of SE in the state has a positive effect as it amplifies business possibilities and gives a better footing for big business deals. On the other hand, companies in search of a type of incorporation in either of the member states controlled by EU could find it valuable since it is managed on a narrow set of guidelines run by an integrated management system.

Setting up a sole entrepreneurship business in Malta

Malta is undeniably one of the best investment destinations in the world. Its financial sector is remarkable, and the Island is also among one of the few countries which have genuinely supported the growth and development of micro businesses in the European Union. Although setting up a business in Malta is generally very easy, a sole proprietorship is one of the most hassle-free legal structures one can adapt in Malta.

How to set up a travel agency in Malta.

Malta has arguably the most eye-catching and elegant touristry views in the central Mediterranean. These beautiful resorts, hotels, and infrastructure serve as tourist magnets—hence a number of investors find Malta to be the ideal and lucrative destination for opening travel and tour agencies. These agencies provide a range of services which include, however not limited to destination management, incoming tourism facilitation, and excursion organization.